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  • Blog Post: Giving an Ignite Presentation - What I learned at Gnomedex 2009

    Note: All photos this page Randy Stewart, I am grateful to Brady Forrest of O'Reilly Media for nudging me into giving my first Ignite talk at Gnomedex 2009, in the same way I'm grateful for previous circumstances nudging me to bungee-jump off a bridge near Victoria Falls or tandem...
  • Blog Post: Ignition & nuclear reactors: Gnomedex day 2

    Gnomedex isn't over today, but I've been having some observations I'd like to indulge in.... The close of Gnomedex yesterday with Ignite Seattle's presentations segued into the morning of Gnomedex today with the Portland Ignite crew showing off their blitzkrieg of ideas. Like Seattle' initial Ignite...
  • Blog Post: Free Live QnA t-shirts to the quizzical and answer-generous; also... Ignite Seattle!

    So I will be spending 4 days at CES in Las Vegas, showing off what Live QnA can do, hoping my shoes are worthy (I might just go hiking boots at this rate), and making folks an offer they can't refuse. I'll be with Alexandra and Richard, two noble marketers who are also part of the Live Search booth....
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