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  • Blog Post: Tim O’Reilly’s Blogging Code of Conduct and Kathy Sierra

    Blogging code of conduct goes over like lead balloon, podcast at 11. Ugh, I guess I should have seen that coming – both Tim O’Reilly’s kindhearted suggestion and the weird backlash of the anti-badges badges. (We don't need no steenkin'...) Though the Blogher community guidelines are the current...
  • Blog Post: Death threats and blogging and being female

    There are a lot of people disturbed tonight about Kathy Sierra's latest post, me included. Some of it seems too weirdly insider; I don't know anything about the mean kids blog or the people she's talking about. But the experience of feeling threatened doesn't require you to know anyone to get the gist...
  • Blog Post: Soggy at South by Southwest: Closing post

    So there's been some flash pounding showers here that put Seattle to shame. But I figured I'd wrap up my South by Southwest on the scene coverage with these tidbits (there are some longer food for thoughts posts I need to do once I get back). These tidbist are a mix of yesterday and today.
  • Blog Post: Saturday night ramen, and some great blogosphere gems

    Early on when I started blogging, I used to do this... You know, just wander around blogs I liked. Maybe munch out. Keep reading. Noodle around some more on people's links to other people's blogs. Feeling like I'm gathering diamonds and butterflies. It was the way I used to surf the Web in 1995...
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