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  • Blog Post: Heading to Texas and South by Southwest, but leaving the black Stetson behind

    Last time I was in Texas, I bought a cowboy hat outside of San Antonio. It was a real Stetson, would keep the rain off, and of course to work with my urban wardrobe, I bought it in black. I think I made Paul Tidwell on the XNA team wear it once or twice, but there was a Viking helmet they used for "dude...
  • Blog Post: Soggy at South by Southwest: Closing post

    So there's been some flash pounding showers here that put Seattle to shame. But I figured I'd wrap up my South by Southwest on the scene coverage with these tidbits (there are some longer food for thoughts posts I need to do once I get back). These tidbist are a mix of yesterday and today.
  • Blog Post: Monday afternoon update from South by Southwest

    Well, so I did see Robert Scoble at the podtech Vloggies booth; that was fun. He has so many folks wanting to talk to him, and he's representing his startup, so I hate to take too much of his time at these things. I did manage to congrat on the fact he and Maryam are expecting, and to hand Irina a QnA...
  • Blog Post: Some personal observations of SxSW….

    This is the first conference I’ve been at where I didn’t end up seeing Robert Scoble + camera within 24 hours of it beginning (‘cause he’s everywhere!) but some of that’s alleviated by seeing him and Irina on Twitter . (I’m one of the bazillion followers/friends :) as befits my station.) It’s hard...
  • Blog Post: Saturday night ramen, and some great blogosphere gems

    Early on when I started blogging, I used to do this... You know, just wander around blogs I liked. Maybe munch out. Keep reading. Noodle around some more on people's links to other people's blogs. Feeling like I'm gathering diamonds and butterflies. It was the way I used to surf the Web in 1995...
  • Blog Post: Betsy Does Austin: South by Southwest Interactive and 20 x 2

    I'm honored to be among the speakers at South by Southwest Interactive this year. Our panel is called World Domination via Collaboration (yes, I realized the irony of a member of the "borg" talking about world domination) and I think it's going to rawk! Jory DesJardins and Lisa Stone , co founders...
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