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  • Blog Post: Why hackathons are not nonsense - or how a short term art salon/NaNoWriMo is pragmatically useful

    View from coffee line, rockstar TEDActive barista making my drink 2011 . You learn a lot by watching the process! Thanks to a link from Dare Obasanjo, I was reading Scripting News " Hackathons are Nonsense ." It's a perfect nugget of thoughtful skepticism, where he notes that you won't have a Julia...
  • Blog Post: TEDActive was a different kind of conference

    TEDActive was a different kind of conference for me ( though similar to other technical conferences in its lack of sleep, regular pace, and of course, being thrown in with large quantities of people I didn’t know before I came). That lack of sleep hampers the writing of this blog post, but I wanted to...
  • Blog Post: Going to TEDActive

    TEDActive is not actually the first conference of my year - CES was, and while I tweeted a lot about it during and after, I really didn't blog about it. There are some things still churning around in my brain from talking with Chris Brogan that are blog-worthy, but then I got derailed working on education...
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