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  • Blog Post: Blog infidelity - sign of the times

    I've spent a year being massively unfaithful to this blog. :( Last year (and to be fair the year before), it was more about twitter growing in influence and eating away my will to write long pieces. This year, it's been more about posting other places - on the Bing blog about our social hackathon...
  • Blog Post: Washington State Dept of Transportation on Twitter - nice job!

    By now you've seen the photo of the overhanging buses, heard the mockery of Fargo, for the Redmond wimpiness and realized that Seattleites just can't drive in the snow. If you need even more voyeurism (or are just trying to get to that last-minute Christmas purchase and need a heads up, check out...
  • Blog Post: Web twitter

    I think what has kept Twitter so vibrant for me - despite my skepticism post-SXSW hubbub about the applications, is that it lets me check things where I want to. So while others enjoy being IMed and SMSed and getting twitters real-time, I've got more of the "let's read the next 140 character fortune...
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