A new Job a new Blog

A new Job a new Blog

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Welcome to my new Blog, if you don’t know me my name is Ben I’m one of 2 Office Technical Specialists for Microsoft Australia (we’re a rare breed). If you do know who I am and found this blog by way of my old blog then welcome as well.

I plan to keep you updated on all things Office related and maybe sometimes even some SharePoint related news. For now however my flight is about to board and hence I’ll signing off for a little while.

Before I go though be sure to check the link below if you haven’t already and get your hands on the Office 2010 Beta. Until then play nice out there on the big wide web and I’ll be back soon Smile

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  • Congrats Ben.

    First Comment! :P

  • Congratulations Ben! I'm sure you will be a great asset to MS.

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