This won't mean too much for those of you who aren't attending the AcademyLive courses, but here are some recommended readings on two topics we were discussiong today - Security & Information Architecture.

Recommended Readings on Security:

·         Server Communication table, general IT Pro topics -

·         AAMs – anything by Troy Starr on

·         Kerberos config for SharePoint –

·         Steve Peschka’s FBA opus (part 1 of 3) -

·         SSL and Host Headers for IIS:

·         Adding SSL & Kerberos to Central Admin –

Recommended Readings on Information Architecture:

·         Information Architecture - General

o   Information Architecture for the World Wide Web by Rosenfeld & Morville

o   Unlocking Knowledge Assets by Conway & Sligar


·         Information Architecture – SharePoint

o   MOSS Administrator’s Companion, Ch. 8

o   SharePoint Products & Technologies Resource Kit, Ch. 8

o   Implementing SharePoint Governance - see link on (find "the pyramid" here)

o   SharePoint Products & Technologies Customization Policy – see link on

Recommended Resource for Features & Solutions:

·         WSPBuilder - not a panacea for deployment headaches, but close -

Recommended Readings/Resources for Backup/Recovery/DR:

Recommended Readings/Rsources for Search:

Recommended Readings on Customization: