So before I reflect on ASP.NET, I should probably explain my role.  I am a Product Manager at microsoft and work primarily on Web Development Tools.  Today our enterprise tool is Visual Studio and our light-weight experimental tool is Web Matrix.  So, as a result of caring about web development tools, I care about web development platforms.

I came from a background where I developed primarily ASP3 and some PHP web code.  Not object oriented, no code-behind, simple stuff.  It was rather code-intensive, but was relatively easy to get the job done.  So I was speaking to Brad Millington, a PM on the Web.Net team, about why it is hard to show the virtues of ASP.NET with some demos and power points and whitepapers.  There is this new programming paradigm that really forces you to forget about all the old stuff you knew about web development and take on this object-oriented/event-driven approach.  If you were a windows developer, you are in web development heaven.  But if you were born-on-the-web, as many of us were, it is a struggle.  Our conclusion was if we had 2 hours to show it off, you would be converted.  Unfortunately, that is seldom an option and I am trying to find ways to turn 2 hours into 20 minutes. 

I have had the good fortune of having 100's of hours of this conversation and I am sold, but how can I convince the rest of em?  I guess thinking about our data story today in ASP.NET 1.1 is what got me thinking about this.  There is still tedium required to sync up data scenarios, but it is a lot better in this event driven world than PHP or ASP3.  Much easier.  Down the road.. now that is some good stuff.  Check out DataGridGirls entry here.