I just made a fabulous trip to Vancouver.  Everyone should go.  Beautiful city, amazing shopping, bars, and the people are incredibly friendly and approachable.  I had it all budgeted out, how much it would cost and how much I planned to spend.  Unfortunately this was over a month ago when the dollar was still holding strong at around 1.50 canadian to $1.  Then the dollar fell to 4-year lows and by the time I got to Canada it was $1 to 1.36 Canadian.  The impact on the budget was not huge, but it was my first real exposure to these sort of effects.  It made me think back to my days in my International Finance class when I studied the models but never fully understood the practical implications.  Now I do.  I guess the moral of the story is hedge.  How does this apply to me and my job?  Probably not too much, but hedging is good advice in general.  Why exposre yourself to unnecessary risk if you can hedge it?  Maybe that is the moral.  Who knows.

On a more technical note, Nikhil posted his second installment of the Web Matrix sneak peak.  In theaters soon.