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July, 2003

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    Returning from Blogernation

    Over drinks on saturday night Daniel Fernandez and a few others were discussing how one can get back into blogging after taking some time off.  Is there a method to do this?  Do we just jump back in or should we justify it.  What was...
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    migrating to

    I've talked about this before, but now we have some good content online, particularly for you jsp folks Oh and speaking of ASP.NET, we have an ASP.NET Starter Pack CD coming...
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    Product roadmap

    Just a warning, I'm wearing my marketing hat -- but there is some cool marketing stuff that you might be aware of.  I wish I could sit here and tell you all kinds of great things about the future of our tools, but I can't -- what I can do is point...
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    sorry I haven't blogged in a while

    seems to be a *VERY* popular blog entry --  Brian Keller pointed this out, but you should really see for yourself @ ...
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