I was reminded of a very funny interview scenario that was told to me by Emma Raisel, a professor at Duke University during my Global Capital Markets course.

The story goes like this (I apolgize for my bad memory):

I was interviewing this college student for a trading job at Goldman Sachs in the mid 1990's.  His interview was going ok -- I was quizing him on the ins and outs of his resume, his work experience, and his skills.  Every question had a relatively decent response.  Then I noticed that one of his "skills' was Microsoft Excel.  I looked at him puzzily and queryed.  His response, and this response alone got him the job:

"I'm very good with Excel.  I can make Excel sing."

Now, I went through interviews like this and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can straight faced say something like that.  Point is, when your interviewing, you need to take risks to stand out -- he did and it paid off.  But man, I just think that is a *great* answer.  Anyone else have good interview stories?  It is almost that time of year!