So I'm down in Palm Springs, staying at the beautiful La Quinta resort.  Seems like no one is really around yet.  I've been working on my talk and think i pretty much have it ready.  I'm looking forward to this conference, should be a lot of fun and there are two great keynotes to be had by Marie Huwe and Scott Guthrie -- and a few fun announcements.  If you are new to Visual Studio and ASP.NET and want to learn, definitely stop by my talk at 1:30 on Monday, should be a good introduction.

Scott is going to be giving a few sneak-preview 2.0 talks, pre-PDC!  Very exciting and I'm getting one ready for Tuesday at the SoCal regional UG meeting.  All goodness!  The PDC is approaching quickly and I can't wait to lift the 'embargo' on 2.0 talk. 

I continue to be busier than is healthy and am spending more time in a hotel room then at home, but such is life. 

Got a lot to talk about in the coming weeks -- stay tuned and if you are at Connections I hope your are also enjoying th e beautiful 95 degree weather =)