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January, 2004

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    DevDays: web Security Track

    The training is finally done! Wow, we have some really cool files that are all finished and customer ready. They'll get the speakers all ready to deliver some awesome content and give attendees an amazing way to review the content after the fact. Check...
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    ASP.NET Exposed Roadshow in a box

    I've been slacking.. I must admit, I've been so busy trying to keep my head above water (ha ha) that this has sorta been on the back burner. But I'm going to try and push it out next week into production -- a DVD that has everything anyone needs to present...
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    DevDays 2004

    DevDays 2004 is here! This is partly the reason I have had no life for the past month or so, I've been working hard trying to put together this stellar event, so you should DEFINITELY check it out. Being the Web guy that I am, I was responsible for pulling...
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    Okay -- I'm Back

    Well I've moved my blog and now I'm back here trying to figure out how this new system works. They moved my content over, but I have no idea how to get people who used to visit my old blog to visit my new one... maybe I can get them to do a redirect,...
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