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Drinking from the firehose

May, 2004

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    it is over. It was great. I have so much to share, but now -- I just want to pass out. Thanks to everyone who made the event so great.
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    Let TechEd Begin!

    I'm down in not so sunny san diego (of course) -- getting ready for teched, and I'm totally jazzed. I'll be spending most of time running around like crazy and in the developer tools and technologies cabana, so stop by and say hi.. hopefully Marcie's...
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    Great accessibility tools -- super helpful for demos!

    Sara Ford has been working on some awesome accessibility tools that plug in as macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003... They are also super helpful for demos,enable quick font size changes, tool window adjustments and more. Check them out on GDN..
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    TechEd is sold out

    Amazing! I'm so excited for the show... drop me a comment if you are going to be there, or drop by the Developer Tools and Technologies Cabana and say hi, play some XBOX, get your questions answered from our experts, etc... I've put a ton of work into...
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    Think Red Vs Blue was funny? Well TechEd / Visual Studio meets the Real World

    Several folks decided to cook up a fun little video for TechEd that mimicks the Real World... It is a little 5 minute short, definitely worth checking out! Share the news too! http...
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    Back from vacation

    nothing beats a vacation... now I just need to recover, I need a vacation.. :)
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