I need your help.  I've been trying to figure out what a set of master page templates / themes would look like to help people easily build attractive web sites -- But I'm struggling to figure out if there is a need for this and if there is what you all would want.

The initial vision was to create 10 unique page layouts -- think 3 column layouts, 2 column layouts, etc. that each have five unique color schemes.  These layouts would be simple Master page files using CSS to control the layout/color scheme.  We would put contentplaceholders in the appropriate areas for where content should be derived and everything else might have static HTML place holders (for a treeview, menu, bread crumb, etc.)

But as I got to thinking -- I wasn't sure it would be enough -- is this helpful?  Would it be nice to have 50 or so very professionally laid out master pages that you can use to begin building your site?  They would not be seeded with controls -- so you'd have to add those in yourself, but it would have the div structures and color schemes, and everything else all completed-- with maybe screenshots of what you 'could' do with it.  Or is that not enough?  Do you want them fully baked with controls already dropped in?

Let me know your thoughts.  I want to make sure we do the right thing to add the most value and I just keep going in circles in my head (painful honesty here) -- so what do you want from a layout?  Reply here and let me know!

UPDATE: design center is coming together slowly -- but we have our first round of templates up