I'm very excited about this "landing page" - -on May 1st we are going to be kicking off a World Wide ad campaign for Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.  The ads will run online in 29 markets World Wide and the "call to action" is this landing page.  We are trying something new and edgy with the ads -- they are "superhero" themed and they will be thematic.  The first ad will be very "Kavalier and Clay" if you will (a must read if you haven't) and has a very 1940's/1950's superman esque feel to it.  The second theme is "the guru" and is more old anime styled with the "knowledgeable guru" giving his superpowers to our young Web Developer.
Call it trite, call it kitsch, call it out of the box -- call it whatever you want, I personally love it.  The image on /getvwd/ was taken from a frame of the ad.  Once the ads are live I'll post links to them, but I'm super excited that Beta 2 is out and can't wait for everyone and anyone to give it a run.  I think people will be pleasantly suprirsed with the quality, functionality, ease of use, and power of the product.