I posted about Master Page tempaltes awhile back and they are almost complete -- except for now, they aren't master pages.  They are going to be RAW HTML templates, in both table and full CSS format that can be easily converted and used as Master Pages, content pages and more.  They are fully documented, explaining design decisions, CSS, etc. with specific examples on how to customize them easily using CSS.  We have 6 designs complete now and I think they are pretty fun!  I'm considering converting a few into Master Pages as a side-project of my own if I can ever find time.  The templates themselves are done and the documentation is almost complete.  I'd expect to see them posted in the next 3-6 weeks -- I might post the tempaltes themselves before the docs -- what do you think?

Also!  While you are reading -- what's your feedback on VWD and ASP.NET 2.0?  B2 has been out for awhile yet... what's great?  What's not?  If you haven't installed it and are reading this blog, what is your problem :)

I've started to see several ASP.NET 2.0 sites sprout up -- if you have built a site using 2.0 I WANT TO see it.. oh I think this warrants another seperate post.