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July, 2005

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    Web Developers will see results in IE7 Beta 2

    Today, Chris Wilson spilled the beans I've been wanting to spill for awhile -- The majority of the features (bug fixes) that will effect web developers are in Beta 2, not Beta 1 of IE. Here is a quick list of things that are addressed -- see Chris's post...
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    That's why it's called a beta

    Molly Holzschlag posts some interesting thoughts about the IE 7 Beta -- definitely a good read.
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    User agent strings with IE7

    There has been some interesting confusion on how to properly deal with browser sniffing scripts (bad practice for standards based design guys!) and the new IE 7 user-agent string... check out Dave's post here:
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    Who ever said Microsoft wasn't "cool"

    Today, the US Subsidiary launched a very cool informational site for VS2005 and SQL Server 2005 -- it chock full of humor, movies and some pretty darn good information to support the Beta's -- check it out -- I was pretty impressed: www.escapeyesterworld...
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    Learn how to upgrade your ASP.NET 1.x app to ASP.NET 2.0

    We have just finished building a *very* detailed whitepaper that explains common issues, patterns, and scenarios for helping to upgrade your existing ASP.NET 1.x applications. During the beta 2 phase we received a strong amount of feedback the the upgrade...
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    Powered by ASP.NET 2.0 logos are here!

    Thanks to Kevin Goldman , we now have 3 brand spanking new Powered by ASP.NET 2.0 logs that you can add to your site to show off just how cool you really are :) The logos, although similar have some subtle differences (see below). The links...
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    We are building a new section of the ASP.NET Dev Center focused on design -- it will consist of generic design stuff -- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, etc. and additional resources focused on how to do design for ASP.NET -- Right now I have in the queue...
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    Off to Amsterdam

    Heading to the airport to fly to Amsterdam for TechEd Europe -- definitely going to be a great show -- if you are going to be there, make sure to say hello!
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