Well we are now entering the POST LAUNCH era -- how exciting is that?  As part of this we've done a few things:

1) We launched the new look and navigation for the ASP.NET Developer Center, as well as new Visual Web Developer page. These changes shoudl make the site more usable, make content easier to find, and be more attractive.

2) We launched the new look and feel for http://www.asp.net/ -- this is a dramatic and edgy UI that will begin the foundation of many more improvements coming to the sites in the coming months.  In the next few weeks we are going to be rolling out a new version of the forums, reorganizing the structure to make the forums much easier to use.

Also, we have some great new content to help folks get started with upgrading their sites:

It has been a really long ride, and we are finally here.  Keep the feedback coming -- what you need to be sucessful, and what you think we should be thinking about for ASP.NET "Atlas" and the next version of Visual Studio and the core ASP.NET platform.