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Definitely worth checking out this video content!  Enjoy!

ASP.NET "Atlas" Technology Preview

ASP.NET "Atlas" is a technology preview that makes it easy for developers to add rich, asynchronous functionality on the client for ASP.NET apps. In our February webcast, ASP.NET PM Architect, Jonathan Hawkins highlights the January Atlas Preview, and shows some cool demos. He may also offer a few hints about what's to come at the Mix '06 conference in March! 

Web Deployment Projects

Visual Studio 2005 introduced changes in the development environment to simplify the management of web projects.  The ASP.NET team received feedback from MVPs and users during the ASPVisual Studio 2005 beta, saying that while some changes were an improvement, some development scenarios were broken by the new model.   In response, we developed the Web Deployment Projects add-in, which is available as a download on www.asp.net.  Web Deployment Projects provide additional functionality for building and deploying Web site applications that you create in ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. This add-in includes a new tool that enables you to merge the assemblies created during ASP.NET 2.0 precompilation, and it provides a comprehensive UI within Visual Studio 2005 for managing build configurations, merging, and pre-build and post-build task using MSBuild.  

Bradley Bartz, a Developer Lead and Richard Ersek, a Lead Program Manager with the ASP.NET team will present and answer your questions.

Webcast - ASP.NET 2.0 Table Profile Provider Samples

This is a webcast with Stefan Schackow and Hao Kung from the ASP.NET team on ASP.NET 2.0 Table Profile Provider Samples.

The default SqlProfileProvider that ships with ASP.NET 2.0 "blobicizes" Profile data using string, XML or binary serialization prior to storing information in SQL Server. A frequent request from developers is the ability to store Profile data "in the clear" in the database so that the data is available for querying and use in stored procedures. Hao and Stefan have developed two samples to address these issues and will walk through examples of using them in the webcast.