For the past several months I've been spending more and more of my time at work focused on our broader UX story, designers, and our rich media platform.  It has been quite a ride, ramping up on parts of the business that I haven't had a lot of famiiarity with but are critical to our Web Platform efforts.  Today, was an exciting day for a lot of people involved because we shipped our first CTP of "WPF/E" (better real product name TBA, trust me) and announced details of the Expression Studio for professional designers and availability of Expression Web, our new professional grade standards based Web design tool.


For "WPF/E:"

You can install it here, and then try out a few of the early samples that show off some of its capabilities below:

Lot's of details on other folks blogs (I'm late to the game)

  • S. Somasegar -
  • Scott Guthrie -
  • Joe Stegman -
  • James Clarke -
  • Mike Harsh -
  • Sean Alexander -
  • Let us know what you think, lot's of great stuff in the pipe!