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January, 2007

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    Using the Microsoft AJAX Library with PHP

    Steve Marx has been working behind the scenes on building out a community project to create native PHP support for the Microsoft AJAX Library. Today he released the first version. He provides a ton of details in this post which I steal liberally from...
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    ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 is here!!!

    It has been a bumpy and exciting ride the last few weeks with the Web Platform and Tools group as we've been putting the finishing touches on ASP.NET AJAX. But now, the ribbon is on the box!!! After an amazing amount of customer input (you really did...
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    Community Recognition System now Live

    One area that we have been focusing a lot of energy is continuing to improve our online community offerings. A few weeks ago we rolled out a new Community Recognition System as a way to reward members of our community with special recognition for their...
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    AJAX Security Webcasts

    Joe Stagner was able to secure two of best counter-hacker he knows (Caleb Sima and Billy Hoffman from SPI Dynamics) to present some Webcasts for our Live from Redmond series . Check out this post to get the details -- key details below too! AJAX SECURITY...
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