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February, 2007

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    Microsoft employees meet their famous counterparts

    Danielfe decided to put together a great post about how some of us look like famous people (not that we aren't famous in our own right :)) -- the similarities are shocking -- check it out, let us know what you think.
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    MSL Ships ASP.NET AJAX Clinic

    After an amazing herculean effort by MSL they have released the official ASP.NET AJAX Training Clinic -- it is a great 2 hour primer on the technology. Go get trained: and let...
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    ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint 2007

    Lot's of questions about this topic and we just posted some content to help See ScottGu's blog post See post from the Sharepoint team they have all the details.
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    Refactor! for ASP.NET Beta released

    After seeing the amazing success and interset in the great Refactor! for VB applications last year, we've been working with the folks at DevExpress to deliver a rich refactoring expereince around common Web scenarios and specific ASP.NET features. My...
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    New improvements to The DownloadCENTER

    We are always hard at work improving the experience around our online properties. has been getting a lot of attention and we just launched an amazing feature to help you get what you need for IIS and contribute back -- all the details below, let...
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