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Drinking from the firehose

March, 2007

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    Me getting completely destroyed by the "Proop Dog"

    At VSConnections in Vegas Eileen Rumwell had comedian Greg Proops interview some of us. It was off the cuff and fun. The conversation was about 10 minutes, but this 1 minute short is me getting completely railed. Amusing to say the least. Oh and if...
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    A new job for me, better products for you

    And hopefully some more time to blog :) This week we re-organized our team so that we could better serve the needs of our internal and external partners and customers. I won't bore you with the details but it has a pretty major impact on what I do and...
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    Scott Guthrie debuts in Red vs Blue

    Words can't describe just how cool this is :) And a pretty hot looking "WFP/E" video player to boot -- tell your friends, spread the word! Definitely a great "non-traditional" type of activity. Scott...
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