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February, 2008

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About Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

Hi there,

My real persona online is at

My main blog these days is at

My personal blog is at  

But, I'll still update this blog once in a while too when appropriate.

- Brian

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    About Brian Groth

    For the time being, I will be using my MSDN blog as a sort of landing page about me. So to learn more about me, please see: The Live in Europe blog for topics about my current role as the product manager for Windows Live in Europe, the Middle East, and...
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    Windows Live product team blogs

    The following is an updated list of product team blogs for Windows Live and related online products from Microsoft. You can always find this list. Below, I have loosely organized the list by product to help make it easier to understand the relationships...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    New blog for Windows Live in Europe

    I now work on a team in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa) focused on Windows Live, MSN, and Search. We just launched a new blog at called " Live in Europe " to highlight some of the features and promotions...
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