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August, 2006

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    More Expirations Coming Soon...

    This blog post has been replaced by: I have removed tha attached utility from this post as it is out of date. Please see the post above for a newer...
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    Microsoft's Team Foundation Server Deployment Topology

    Given how much I talk about our internal "dogfooding" of TFS on this blog, I thought you might be interested in seeing a diagram of what our internal deployment actually looks like. This diagram was put together by our IT department a couple of weeks...
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    TFS Trial Edition and Release Candidate Expirations

    We are rapidly approaching 6 months since TFS released. Yeah, that's right - Isn't it amazing how time flies? I've started to see a rash of emails from people who are discovering that their TFS trial Edition and Release Candidate installs are expiring...
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    Exporting Areas and Iterations

    A couple of days ago someone asked me how to export the areas and iterations from one project and be able to use them as a template to create other projects. Creating a set of pre-defined Areas & Iterations is a feature of the TFS process templates...
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    An important milestone for TFS training

    This week we held what we call our "Beta Teach" of our 300 level training material in Chicago. A "Beta Teach" is when we think we have all of the content ready and we bring in a group of people (in this case, about 20) and actually teach a class. The...
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    August DevDiv TFS Dogfood Statistics

    Another month, a lot more growth. We continue the process of onboarding teams and growing the data. Here's the updated data for August and (now that I'm using a decent blog editing tool) I can start including some cool graphs in these posts :) Users Recent...
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    Another TFS success story

    Here's a great post from someone who had some success with TFS and advocates using a team development system no matter what kind of project you are doing...!34D9D1C17F9DBFD8!209.entry Brian
  • Brian Harry's blog

    TFS Proxy Testimonial

    Martin Woodward has posted a cool article on his blog with his experiences setting up a TFS proxy server and the results he got with it: Brian
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