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March, 2012

  • Brian Harry's blog

    Announcing a Build Service for Team Foundation Service

    Today in my VS Live keynote, I announced and demonstrated a new cloud based build service for our Team Foundation Service on Azure . From the beginning with tfspreview, you’ve been able to do builds, but – you had to install, manage, patch...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    The Future of CodePlex is Bright

    The last 6 months or so have been really busy around here.  Over the next several months, you’ll see a lot of what’s been keeping us busy come to light.  Clearly a big part was unveiled recently with the launch of the VS/TFS/.NET Beta . In this...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Even Better Access to Team Foundation Server

    About 2 years ago, we first introduced Team Explorer Everywhere.  In doing that we enabled diverse teams to work closely together regardless of platform or technology stack.  We provided organizations a substantially improved ability to manage...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Keeping your TFS 2010 up to date as of March 2012

    **UPDATE** It looks like Grant Holliday wrote a nice post that covers more than mine does. It's not quite as up to date with the Compat GDR but it's good reading too:
  • Brian Harry's blog

    New Agile guidance

    We've been working with some of the Agile & Lean thought leaders to gather their perspectives on the state of the art - past, present and future. It's some good reading. Check it out here:
  • Brian Harry's blog

    VS ALM Rangers Beta Content

    Along with the VS/.NET/TFS Beta, the Visual Studio Rangers created a whole bunch of new readiness content to help you be successful with the next generation of our tools.  Real on their blog for more details:
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