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September, 2012

  • Brian Harry's blog

    iOS, iPhone & iPad storyboarding

    ***Update***: when   I first wrote this a couple of hours ago, the link to the iPad shapes was broken so I didn’t mention them.  It’s since been fixed so I’m adding it to this post.  Clearly there’s a lot of overlap between the iPhone &...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    TFS 2012 Power Tools are now available!

    I know many of you have been waiting patiently.  I apologize for the delay.  They actually shipped yesterday but I didn’t have time to write a blog post about it until tonight. Team Foundations Server 2012 Power Tools A few reminders about how...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio Update this Fall

    For a while now we’ve been talking about increasing our delivery cadence for Visual Studio. Jason first talked about it at DevConnections in the Spring and I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago outlining our general approach to cadence (focused...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

    We repivoted our Express SKUs this release to focus on application type rather than on language.  The Windows 8 and Web Express SKUs have been available for a while now.  Today we made the Desktop Express SKU available.  The last yet to...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Team Foundation Service Updates 9/17

    Yesterday we published a new update for the Team Foundation Service. You can read more about what’s in it here: A couple of notes… You’ll notice that the release notes, this week...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook available

    Richard's new book 'Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook ' is now available. It's a great broad overview of the new capabilities in VS 2012 and is a good way for an existing VS user to get up to speed on all the new stuff. Read more about it on Richard's blog...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    No Jeans at the Launch

    I saw on Twitter some people expressing their disappointment at my wearing formal clothes for the launch keynote.  I feel it necessary to defend myself   Ok, not really, but there’s a funny story here. I was packing to come to Seattle last week...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Sam and Neno’s VS 2012 Book Available at Launch

    Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje have updated their book on Visual Studio and TFS and it is in print and shipping with our launch this week. You can preview and order the book from any of these suppliers: Amazon InformIT ...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio 2012 launch is today!

    Today is the launch of our 2012 wave of developer products, including Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and .NET 4.5.  We’ll be having a small “in person” event in Seattle today but all of the content will be available online so, no matter where...
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