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    Team System Web Access Power Tool Available!

    Today we released the first "official" power tool release of Team System Web Access. You can download it from here . Let me put this in context. When Microsoft first acquired DevBiz, we provided v1.0 of TeamPlain for download. Based on customer demand...
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    Checking your TFS Version and Extending Trials

    Update: With Team Foundation Server 2010, you no longer need to download and run the TFSVersionDetection.exe tool as this functionality is baked into the Team Foundation Server administration console. S ee this post for more detail: http://blogs.msdn...
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    Your Visual Studio 2010 Dream Machine

    Now that Visual Studio 2010 has shipped, people are asking about preferred hardware configurations. Customers want to know how to take advantage of all the cool new features that we have packed into this release. We have published minimum hardware and...
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    The Future of eScrum

    For a year or two now, there’s been a free download of a SCRUM based Team Foundation Server process template on called eScrum. It has been periodically updated and I’ve blogged about it a few times. Since it first went up I’ve tried to be...
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    How do I upgrade to TFS 2008?

    Now that Team Foundation Server 2008 keys/media/downloads are available, I'm seeing lots more questions about various scenarios. I'm going to try to capture all of the less obvious issue here: You have TFS 2008 Trial Edition installed and you want...
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    Bug fixes in TFS SP1

    Well, I'm going to try to beat a new path here. We're trying to be more transparent about what we are doing, when we are doing it and why we are doing it. The downside of that can be that we go to far and get beaten over the head with the information...
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    VS/TFS 2013.2 (Update 2) CTP Released

    Today, fast on the heels of Update 1 , we released the first CTP of VS/TFS 2013 Update 2. Although Update 1 was a pretty small release, Update 2 is much larger. This CTP is *not* feature complete and it is *not* “go-live”. It is an opportunity...
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    TFS 2013.2 (Update 2) Released

    And VS 2013.2 RC released… OK, this is weird, I admit, so I’ll explain. Today we officially released the final version of TFS 2013 Update 2 and we released a Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. It’s weird that we RTMed...
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    Stuff in the pipe for Team Foundation Server

    Just a brief note about stuff coming down the pipe for TFS... MSSCCI Provider We are working on a new release of the MSSCCI provider. It will have a variety of fixes for bugs that you have reported and that we have found internally. Some of the...
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    Last word on TFS Expirations (I hope)

    This blog post has been replaced by a newer one that covers both TFS 2005 and TFS 2008: People seem to still be having issues with trials. Some are...
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    Git vulnerability with .git\config

    Today the Git community disclosed an issue in Git that, in the worst case, could allow a developer’s machine to be taken over.  This is an issue that manifests across much of the Git ecosystem and is not unique to Microsoft’s Git implementation or...
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    VS/TFS 2010 SP1 and TFS-Project Server Integration Feature Pack have Released

    Today is a big day of releases and announcements. Two of the big ones are that VS 2010 SP1 and TFS 2010 SP1 have shipped and that the Team Foundation Server Project Server Integration Feature Pack is now available for MSDN subscribers. As of today, both...
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    VS/TFS 2013.3 (Update 3) released

    Today we released the final version of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 and Team Foundation Server Update 3. You can get the update using the link below. Note that the link includes both the Visual Studio & TFS downloads (among other things) if you expand...
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    Visual Studio Update this Fall

    For a while now we’ve been talking about increasing our delivery cadence for Visual Studio. Jason first talked about it at DevConnections in the Spring and I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago outlining our general approach to cadence (focused...
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    The Future of CodePlex is Bright

    The last 6 months or so have been really busy around here.  Over the next several months, you’ll see a lot of what’s been keeping us busy come to light.  Clearly a big part was unveiled recently with the launch of the VS/TFS/.NET Beta . In this...
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    TFS on Windows Azure at the PDC

    **UPDATED May 18th 2001** - See Hosting of ALM in the cloud as software as a service is gradually becoming more and more popular. The vision, of course, is ALM as a seamless...
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    TFS Scalability

    For a while now I've been alluding to the fact that we'd be updating our guidance on the size of teams that Team Foundation Server will support. While we still have some work left to do to pin down the spectrum of team sizes that different classes of...
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    Announcing a Java SDK for TFS

    From the beginning, extensibility of TFS was a core design principle – both to enable great 3rd party partners (like Ekobit, Urban Turtle, InCycle and more) and because almost all development shops have a need to customize the tools they use.  As...
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    Mar ‘11 Team Foundation Server Power Tools are Available

    Today we released an update to the Team Foundation Server Power Tools. You can download them here: Main Power Tools Build Extensions MSSCCI plugin (unchanged from previous release) The primary enhancements in this release are: Addressed reported issues...
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    Team Explorer Everywhere 2013 is Available

    Among the deluge of Visual Studio 2013 releases in October, we shipped the 2013 release of Team Explorer Everywhere – updating the experience for team members working in Eclipse and/or on non-Windows environments.  Team Explorer Everywhere includes...
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    December 2011 TFS Power Tools Release

    In the last release of the Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools we focused on improving the experience for developers in Visual Studio and using the Shell Extensions inside Windows Explorer.  Today we just released a new update of the Team Foundation...
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    VS 2012.4 (Update 4) will exist!

    Sometime this spring, though for the life of me I can’t find it, I wrote a blog post where I said I thought Update 3 (VS/TFS 2012.3) would be the last update in the VS/TFS 2012 update line.  I often say that nothing that is said about the future...
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    Visual Studio/Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3 CTP1 (VS 2013.3.1 if you wish)

    Better late than never, I guess.  Sorry for being so late blogging about this; it’s been a crazy week.  About a week ago we announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 – Community Technology Preview 1.  That's a mouthful. ...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio and TFS 2013.4 (Update 4) Release Candidate

    It’s time!  The Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013.4 and Team Foundation Server 2013.4 is here. Download Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 KB article I’ve written some posts about the CTPs along the way.  But I...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Configuring a build server against your shiny new hosted TFS account

    Now that you have a Team Foundation Service account, some of you are going to be interested in setting up a build machine to work with it.  Richard Hundhausen did a very nice video to walk you through this process but I’m going to recap it because...
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