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    VS/TFS 2012.4 (Update 4) RC 2 is available

    Three weeks ago I announced that there will, in fact, be a fourth update to VS/TFS 2012.  It’s going to be a very small update – really not much more than key bug fixes.  It’s going to ship sometime toward the end of the year and, between now...
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    VS/TFS 2012.2 (Update 2) released today

    Today, we released our second update to Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012.  You can read a fairly detailed post with all the new capabilities on the ALM blog.  There’s a ton of new value in the in this update as evidenced by the...
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    Coming Soon: TFS Express

    Soon, we will be announcing the availability of our VS/TFS 11 Beta. This is a major new release for us that includes big enhancements for developer, project managers, testers and Analysts. Over the next month or two, I’ll write a series of posts...
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    VS/VSTS/TFS/.NET 3.5 SP1 is shipping!

    Following on the release last week of SQLServer 2008 , we are proud to announce the release of Visual Studio/Visual Studio Team System 2008 SP1, Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 and the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. You can download them here. Bootstrappers...
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    Our First Orcas perf results at load

    I'm just giddy today. We've been running performance tests for a while on Orcas and I've reported some of the great results on my blog. We've also been running stress tests (running a server under heavy load for an extended period of time to measure reliability...
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    Orcas Work Item Tracking Performance Improvements

    Back in October I published some results from the performance work we've done on version control for Orcas. We've also been working on work item tracking performance improvements - I mentioned them in our last dogfood server statistics. I'm very pleased...
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    Visual Studio 2013

    Hold on to your seat, this is going to be a long one… Today at TechEd, I announced Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 and many of the Application Lifecycle Management features that they include. Today, we enabled some of those features...
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    VS 2013.1 (Update 1) is available

    In a previous post on the subject, I explained that this is a pretty small update focused primarily on getting VS 2013 working better with versions of IE prior to IE 10. I also explained that there would be no update to TFS available for Update 1. ...
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    Team Foundation Server 2010 Key Concepts

    Before I start enumerating the features of TFS 2010, I need to start with some of the big conceptual changes that we’ve made.  This post set some architectural groundwork and define some terms that I’ll use in subsequent posts. Team Project Collections...
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    TFS 2010 for SourceSafe Users

    We started building SourceSafe in January 1992 in the vacated dining room of the house belonging to one of my partners. Within a couple of short years SourceSafe went from concept to major success and was acquired by Microsoft in 1994, soon after which...
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    Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 Preview

    The stream of new stuff coming out for VS/VSTS/TFS 2008 continues! - see my recent post on an update to the TFS Power Tools . It is time for me to tell you about what is coming in TFS 2008 SP1. The release of the Beta is very close (as always, don't ask...
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    Announcing Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2)

    Today we released the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2). It’s exciting to see the next update of VS working it’s way to completion. There’s going to be a ton of cool new capabilities in...
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    Git init VS

    Today at the ALM Summit I made a bunch of announcements.  A couple of them warrant a bit of extra comment Today, I made 2 announcements involving TFS, VS and Git. Team Foundation Server will host Git repositories – and more concretely, Team Foundation...
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    Announcing Git Integration with TFS

    Distributed Version Control (DVCS) has a growing following. It enables a set of workflows that can be very handy and Git is an increasingly popular DVCS solution. Today, we are announcing Git-tf, a solution that enables you to work locally with a Git...
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    Branch structure in Developer Division at Microsoft

    I've seen a lot of people looking for more information on Team Project organization and branching. The Version Control PMs are putting together some good whitepapers on it. Recently, however, there have been some questions about how we do branching at...
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    Team Foundation Server Roadmap

    I've been hinting at this coming for while now. I think I promised it would come out in Dec and here it is on the last day of Nov :). I hope this is helpful to you in knowing where we are headed and also in giving us feedback on where we are missing the...
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    TFS 2010 Project Management

    This is the second in the set of 3 TFS 2010 feature posts around project management. The first was on Work Item Tracking enhancements. This one is on general project management improvements that I can’t fit into a category :) And the third will be on...
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    Microsoft Acquires TeamPlain!

    Today we are announcing that Microsoft has acquired DevBiz Business Solutions, the makers of the popular TeamPlain Web Access for Team System. TeamPlain is a web front end for VSTS that enables users to access the majority of TFS functionality from within...
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    Final TFS 2008 Feature List

    Gee, time flies when you are having fun. I can't believe it's been another 4 months since my last post on Orcas features. At this point TFS 2008 is basically done! We've got a few bugs left to fix and we are still taking feedback from Beta 2 but we...
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    Version Control Model Enhancements in TFS 11

    One of the more difficult things for developers with TFS today is the “Workspace”. A workspace is a mapping of code out of a TFS server onto your hard drive and defines all of the rules of how your local operations on those files relate to...
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    TFS 2010 Work Item Tracking

    In my last 2010 post, I covered Setup, Admin & Ops. In this post I’m going to cover work item tracking features. The truth, however, is that the lines between the next 3 posts are going to be pretty blurry. I’ve tried to think about ways to partition...
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    July '08 TFS Power Tool Preview

    We are approaching the release date of our next release of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools.  We are targeting to have it available in about 3 weeks.  As I've mentioned before this is a smaller Power Tools release than we typically have...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Visual Studio 2013.1 RC is Available

    We are doing a pretty quick turn of the crank on VS 2013 Update 1.  Originally we were thinking our first Update would take a little longer but for a variety of reasons (most prominently the feedback about VS supporting versions of IE before IE 10...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Merge enhancements in TFS 11

    Here’s the next post in my series of “Developers are raving fans” enhancements coming in TFS 11.  My last post was on workspace improvements . One of the things we consistently get customer feedback on in TFS 2010 is that merging is still too complicated...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Backing up and Restoring your TFS Server

    Backing up and restoring a TFS server can be daunting.  There are potentially a lot of services and a lot of steps.  As soon as we shipped TFS 2010, I knew we had to do something to improve it and we began talking about how we were going to...
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