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March, 2013

  • Brian Hitney

    Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 3) Using Windows Azure to Build Back-End Services for Windows 8 Apps – ASP.NET Web API

    Abstract: Back for part 3 in their series for “Using Windows Azure to Build Back-End Services for Windows 8 apps”, Peter Laudati , Brian Hitney and Andrew Duthie show us how easy it is to host services built with the ASP.NET Web API using the new Windows Azure Web Sites feature. Check out the full article here. Part 1 | Part 2 After watching this video, follow these next steps: Step #1 – Try Windows Azure: No cost. No obligation. 90-Day FREE trial. Step #2 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development Step...
  • Brian Hitney

    Bing Maps Mashup in Dark Skies

    I’ve gotten a few requests about how to do a mashup in Dark Skies … so, thought I’d do a blog post on how it was put together. First, what’s a mashup? A mashup is an application that combines data from multiple sources into what is, hopefully, a more useful or interesting way to view the data. They are often done as web applications because the data is often pulled from online sources. But, mashups are ideal for Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, too. Dark Skies is simply a mashup that combines 3 main sources...
  • Brian Hitney

    Compressing as Individual Files in Folder

    Let’s see how long it takes Jim Christopher to jump in with a better PowerShell solution. :) I had a directory full of .avi files that contains RAW, uncompressed data at 60fps from a camera (for astroimaging). Even capturing just a few minutes of data amasses over 10GB of data: No wonder my drive filled up so quickly. For archiving the data, I wanted to zip each file into its own file, not into a folder. Because I had about 50GB of videos to do, I wanted a simple cmd to do it for each folder. This is pretty...
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