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Conquer Your Calendar: Use PowerPivot To Analyze Your Time

Conquer Your Calendar: Use PowerPivot To Analyze Your Time

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Today we are very excited to release a free tool utilizing PowerPivot for Excel, Calendar Analytics.  Calendar Analytics is a time management application that pulls information from Exchange and visualizes that data in a very easy to use Excel dashboard.  We are releasing this application in honor of Administrative Professionals' Day, but this application is not geared exclusively to high level executives and their administrative assistants.  This new BI tool was developed as part of a continuing effort to show individuals and organizations that business intelligence can be utilized by everyone; not just CIOs and top level executives.  Watch this very special episode of BITV and learn how the Calendar Analytics idea came about as well as an overview of the application.  Then download the application and tell us what you think!

Download Calendar Analytics

PowerPivot is required to run Calendar Analytics.  You can download this free add-on here

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  • @Christ Castillo - This is Robert Stevens from yesterday.  We're using Windows Server 2008 with Exchange 2010.  I am using a Windows 7 32 bit machine with Office 2010.

  • Great blog and video AND tool. I will promote to my customers and my network.

  • We have Exchange server 2010, does Calendar Analytics require SP1?

  • I would love to this and an other Time/Life Management principles incorporated into the next version of Outlook ... making tasks richer, calendars more meaningful ... this specifically ... nice work. Can't wait to try it out.

  • Hi there,

    as some other users have already posted, i'm getting all the time the "Autodiscover Service could not be contacted..." problem.

    Using EX2007, Outlook2010, using the company LAN, same ID for Win/Mailbox.

    Any help?


    Best Regards


  • Hello all,

    As a reminder, there is a wiki that has been started to assist you with issues you are having with Calendar Analytics:


  • Like others, I'm having the "ALERT: Incomplete Claendar Download" error. We're using Exchange 2007, fully patched.

    Are there any additional steps I should be taking as a server administrator to make sure that EWS is set up and working as required? Outlook Anywhere and Outlook Web Access are set up and working.

  • I wonder if this add-in will be working with Exchange SErver 2003?

  • Same for me, Incomplete Calendar Download

    Could you provide a solution?

  • Hi,

    I have a BPOS account (not Office 365 at this time). Does this tool may works with my account ?

    If yes, do I need to specify my password like an Office 365 account ? (I tried but it does not works).


  • @Christ Castillo - Have you figure out a solution for the ALERT_Incomplete_Calendar_Download? We are under Exchange server 2007 SP3 and win7 with MsOffice 2010

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  • I get "ERROR: Communication", "Autodiscover service could not be contacted. Please ensure that your internet connection is working", too.  I'm on MS Office 2010 and Outlook 2010.  I'm in the office on my LAN.  Outlook is working.  I can connect to my Outlook email through OWA as well.  We don't have Autodiscover turned on for security reasons.

  • Calander does not link. Am I using correct alias? My email address without the

    Also, the "Update All' under PivotTable does not highlight so I cannot click on it. Perhaps it is related to the Alias problem.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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