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  • Blog Post: Predictive Modeling Competitions Can Solve Complex Real-World Problems

    Kaggle is one of a number of companies attracting money in the Big Data space. They recently secured an $11 million round of institutional funding, a significant amount for a first round of money. Kaggle lets organizations post problems they wish to have solved to the Kaggle website and get user insight...
  • Blog Post: Using Big Data To Save Consumers Money

    Have you ever asked a fellow passenger how much they paid for their airline ticket, only to find out they paid less money and bought it after you did? Oren Etzioni did, and he was less than pleased with the answers he received. Instead of getting mad however, he got even and started Farecast to solve...
  • Blog Post: How Klout Is Using Analytics To Measure Social Media Influence

    What’s your Klout? By now you may have heard of the social media scoring company, but how do they measure influence? We recently sat down with Dave Mariani, VP of Engineering at the rapidly growing firm. Dave has a history of working with big data, and is right at home with Klout. Dave discusses...
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