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  • Blog Post: Measuring Data In Health Care To Improve Patient Experiences

    Dennis Sherry, Senior VP in the Office of Strategy at Mercy Health Partners, discusses how sweeping changes and reforms in the health care industry require new levels of performance measurement. Health care providers are becoming more accountable for patient care yet still need to maintain profitability...
  • Blog Post: What Does MC Hammer Have To Do With Analytics?

    In this special episode of BITV, Bruno Aziza shares thoughts on the upcoming trends in information management and their adoption into mainstream thinking. Some prominent topics include the rise in number of information management tools, external influencers in decision making, and data mashups. Tune...
  • Blog Post: Wine, Movies and Love: Data Can Predict Winners

    Executives and managers use "gut feel" to make business decisions most of the time, according to a study by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services (BBRS). The problem is, "gut feel" often leads to poor outcomes-and keeps companies from exploring profitable areas that intuition often will not lead them...
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