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April, 2006

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BI-Directional - About Chris Parkes

BI-Directional is authored by Chris Parkes, a Partner Technology Specialist for Microsoft Ltd. in the UK.

Having specialised in the areas of Dynamics (formerly Business Solutions) CRM and Information Worker since September 2003, the lure of the 2007 Microsoft Office System and the complimentary technologies in the solution stack that can help enable true Business Intelligence have proved far too strong to resist.  Now, a natural passion for helping organisations to achieve their business goals has found a new way into his psyche to be exposed (in part!) through this blog.

Enjoy :)

  • BI-Directional

    An Independent View of the BI "Stack"

    I came across this interesting article whilst scouring the news the other day. It's nice to see a report indicating how Microsoft are positioned regarding the "stack" nowadays when it comes to Business Intelligence. "...Microsoft credibly tout a...
  • BI-Directional

    So what is the solution “stack”?

    So what exactly is the Microsoft BI Story? And why, when you look into it do you hear so much about a solution “stack”? I think the simplest way to think about this is by using a kind of jigsaw analogy to solve a puzzle… Think of each component part of...
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