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This is the team blog for the Big Data Support team at Microsoft. We support HDInsight which is Hadoop running on Windows Azure in the cloud, as well as other big data features.

Thanks for visiting the Big Data Support team blog! Our team specializes in Hadoop and other big data technologies, including Microsoft Windows Azure HDInsight. We'll post technical topics here in our blog.

If you have a question you'd like to post, please visit the HDInsight forums here for a free answer.

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  • Big Data Support

    Mahout with HDInsight

    My name is Sudhir and I work with the Microsoft HDInsight support team. The other day, my colleague, Dan and I were discussing MAHOUT, so I thought about how it can be used with HDInsight. [* Note :- If you are using HDInsight 3.1, it's have mahout...
  • Big Data Support

    How to pass Hadoop configuration values for a job on HDInsight

    I came across the question a few times recently from several customers– "how do we pass hadoop configurations at runtime for a mapreduce job or Hive Query via HDInsight PowerShell or .Net SDK?" I thought of sharing the answer here with others who...
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