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This is the team blog for the Big Data and NoSQL Support team at Microsoft. We support Azure Data Factory, Azure DocumentDB, Azure HDInsight (Hadoop running in the cloud), Azure Stream Analytics, and more!

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  • Blog Post: Problems When Using a Shared Default Storage Container with Multiple HDInsight Clusters

    We have seen several cases come in to Microsoft Support that ended up being caused by having multiple HDInsight clusters using the same Azure Blob Storage container for default storage. While we don't currently block you from creating clusters using the same default storage container, we do know that...
  • Blog Post: Using Apache Flume with HDInsight

    Gregory Suarez – 03/18/2014 (This blog posting assumes some basic knowledge of Apache Flume) Overview When asked if Apache Flume can be used with HDInsight, the response is typically no. We do not currently include Flume in our HDInsight service offering or in the HDInsight Server...
  • Blog Post: Getting started with Sqoop in HDInsight

    My name is Farooq and I am with HDinsight support team here at Microsoft. In this blog I will try to give some brief overview of Sqoop in HDinsight and then use an example of importing data from a Windows Azure SQL Database table to HDInsight cluster to demonstrate how you can get stated with Sqoop in...
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