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This is the team blog for the Big Data and NoSQL Support team at Microsoft. We support Azure Data Factory, Azure DocumentDB, Azure HDInsight (Hadoop running in the cloud), Azure Stream Analytics, and more!

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  • Blog Post: Querying HDInsight Job Status with WebHCat via Native PowerShell or Node.js

    One of the great things about HDInsight is that under the covers, it has the same capabilities as other Hadoop installations. This means that you can use regular Hadoop endpoints like Ambari and WebHCat (formerly known as Templeton) to interact with an HDInsight Cluster. In this blog post, I’ll...
  • Blog Post: Getting started with the HDInsight PowerShell tools and SDK

    Hi, my name is Azim and I work on the Big Data Support Team at Microsoft. If you have had a chance to read an earlier post by Dharshana, you may have seen how we can submit Hive query using the HDInsight PowerShell tools. In this blog, we will cover some basics of the HDInsight PowerShell tools and SDK...
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