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This is the team blog for the Big Data and NoSQL Support team at Microsoft. We support Azure Data Factory, Azure DocumentDB, Azure HDInsight (Hadoop running in the cloud), Azure Stream Analytics, and more!

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  • Blog Post: How to add custom Hive UDFs to HDInsight

    I recently had a need to add a UDF to Hive on HDInsight. I thought that it would be good to share that experience on a blog post. Hive provides a library of built-in functions to achieve the most common needs. The cool thing is that it also provides the framework to create your own UDF. I had a recent...
  • Blog Post: Mount Azure Blob Storage as Local Drive

    Gregory Suarez – 01/09/2014   I was recently working with a colleague of mine who submitted a MapReduce job via an HDInsight Powershell script and he needed a quick way to visually inspect the last several lines of the output after it had completed. He was looking for an easy and flexible way to...
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