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October, 2007

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Welcome to Bill Crow's Photo and Imaging Technology Blog

I'm Bill Crow, the Seadragon Group Manager at Microsoft Live Labs.  Seadragon is the multi-resolution progressive imaging technology that powers Silverlight Deep Zoom, Photosynth, and some other cool stuff.  Find out more about it at  I've also been involved (from the beginning) with the development of HD Photo, now adopted as a new International standard called JPEG XR. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide information and updates on Seadragon, Deep Zoom, JPEG XR and other related technologies, to answer questions, provide technical assistance and stimulate open conversation.  I expect there will be a wide range of topics ranging from technical details for developers to far more general discussions about photos, color, workflows and best practices for photographers and photo enthusiasts.

Your questions, comments and feedback are always welcome, either publicly via comments here on the blog or privately via the email link.


  • Bill Crow's Digital Imaging & Photography Blog

    HDR and Color Spaces

    HD Photo supports high dynamic range wide gamut color (HDR/WG) image content using the scRGB color profile with multiple fixed point or floating point numerical formats in 16 or 32 bits per channel (bpc). HDR/WG introduces a fundamentally different way...
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