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March, 2004

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    Timing your code

    Timing your code One of the fundamental aspects of performance testing is identifying how long it will take you to execute the code you’re writing. There are a few ways you can measure this: measuring time elapsed while your code executes, computing...
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    What To Watch

    [Housekeeping stuff. I added categories. Neat stuff.] RichB asked me yesterday in the comments to my first post: “What are the range of metric values I should expect to see for a given scenario. For example, how many gen1 collections per minute...
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    Managed Code Performance

    I never quite know how to start something like this without sounding a bit goofy. “Hi there” seems odd, seeings as I have no real idea who I'm talking to yet. Ah well. My name is Bill Wert. I'm a Software Test Engineer on the CLR Performance...
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