I'm using the webform Report Viewer control and I want to render a report locally on SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, CTP15.

After creating the report, I pointed its data source at a SQLDataSource to pull information from the AdventureWorks database. When I launch the webform, I get the following exception:

"A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source 'MyReportDataSource'"

Not good. I dig, and find out that this is a known issue with Beta 2 of Whidbey...and is already fixed in later builds. If you want to get it to work now, the short-term work around is to use an ObjectDataSource, like this:

1. In the SmartTag for the Report Viewer control, click Choose Data Source.

2. In the Choose Data Sources dialog, click inside the Data Source Instance column and choose New Data Source.

3. Choose Object in the list of data sources.

4. In the Choose your business object combo-box, you should already see the name of the Table Adapter that your report will use when it pulls data...choose it.

5. Finish off the wizard...you now should be in good shape.