SSRS offers the ability to import Access reports via the Import Reports menu item off of the Project menu.


In SSRS 2005, you must have at least Access 2002 installed for the item to appear…which I do. So, I was confused when I couldn’t get the option to show up for me.


Well, after some playing around,  I found that it’s not good enough to just have Access 2002+ installed – it must also be registered as the current “runnable” version of Access.


For reasons I won’t get into here, I have multiple versions of Access installed on my machine, and whichever version was last run will be registered as the “current” version installed on the box. I had happened to run Access 2000 many moons ago, so when the VS IDE opened, it didn’t “know” that 2003 was installed too.


Just shut down VS, run Access 2003, then re-open VS…problem solved.