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This blog contains random one-off solutions to various problems I've encountered while using Microsoft's Business Intelligence tools SQL Server 2005 / Katmai

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  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 "Katmai" CTP5 released

    Just got an invite from Microsoft Connect to download the November CTP of SQL can, too!
  • Blog Post: Alerting without SQL Server Notification Services

    Last week I worked with a customer who wanted to give users the ability to create and subscribe to alerts for changing KPI Values. This is a pretty standard scenario, and one we covered with BSM 2005. However, with the “loss” of Notification Services in SQL 2008, PerformancePoint server does not include...
  • Blog Post: Dell and Microsoft engineer BI offering

    Today at SQL PASS, Dell and Microsoft announced a new set of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. They include a stack of server hardware, storage arrays, operating system, database and analytics software, management and reporting tools. The entire solution is based on the hardware and...
  • Blog Post: SQL 2005 SP2 most likely available this Monday, 2/19

    Get ready to download, because SP 2 was declared "ready to ship" last night. The SQL team is hoping to have it ready for public download Monday-morning-ish (PST).
  • Blog Post: Reporting Services Login dialog appears when deploying to MOSS/WSS

    Brian Welcker does it again! In this post he describes a situation that's been causing me a great deal of angst. Essentially, after getting MOSS/SSRS integration working, you get prompted to login when publishing from BIDS - and entering credentials doesn't get you past the dialog, either. I'm not...
  • Blog Post: Using a parameterized SSIS package as a data source for SQL Reporting Services

    As you may know, SSRS reports can use Integration Services packages as a source of data. This technique opens up some interesting possibilities around pre-processing data before it is rendered in a report. I’m going to take this one step further and describe how to pass the package parameter values...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Integration Services: Sometimes BCP is "good enough".

    Today I sat in on a SSIS performance tuning "chalk talk" given by Ashvini Sharma at TechReady, an internal technical education event. Ashvini mentioned that when loading relatively small amounts of data into SQL (he characterized small as < 1 GB), you might be better served using "good enough" BCP...
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