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  • Blog Post: Bing Maps REST and SOAP Services Imagery Styling Improvements Now Live!

    Today, we are pleased to announce the following rendering and styling improvements to Bing Maps REST and SOAP Services imagery. Gradient Land Color We introduced a new gradient coloring for land areas that adjusts the brightness to your zoom level. The land color will now be lighter when zoomed...
  • Blog Post: Staying Fit with Bing Maps

    I just feel better when I have a certain level of fitness. It has less to do with bringing my body into shape for the speedo season and more with general happiness. For me ‘ mens sana’ (a sound mind) lives indeed ‘ in corpore sano’ (in a healthy body). Whenever possible I try...
  • Blog Post: How to Fine-tune Location Coordinates with the Custom Geocoding Refinement Tool

    When presenting custom location data in Bing Maps applications, a frequent requirement is to geocode the addresses of your location data prior to presenting them on the map, ensuring that you have latitude and longitude coordinates that accurately reflect the real-world locations. Bing Maps offers batch...
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