"We want you!"  This is a shared blog to share information about the Microsoft SQL BI product teams, particularly geared at people who would like to join our teams, that is: you.

Expect to see articles highlighting teams, roles, projects and the local culture.  This is an "official" site ---- the postings will always be from the teams that are recruiting.  Of course, there is also http://www.microsoft.com/careers/, the official Microsoft career site that lists jobs throughout the company, but this blog will be a little more personal, giving you a more insight to the teams.

Microsoft SQL BI consists today of three teams: Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services, all of which ship as components of the SQL Server product.

  • Integration Services (SSIS) is a full ETL product and data integration platform that can integrate data from any source. SSIS provides a scalable and extensible platform that empowers development teams to build, manage, and deploy integration solutions to meet unique integration needs.
  • Analysis Services (AS) povides a unified and integrated view of all your business data as the foundation for all of your traditional reporting, OLAP analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards and data mining.  It is the market leader in OLAP today.
  • Reporting Services (RS) a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution designed to help you author, manage, and deliver both paper-based and interactive Web-based reports.  It is a leading reporting vendor on both SQL and non-SQL platforms.

Welcome, and expect to see more here soon.

Denise Draper / Product Unit Manager of SSIS Team