Yet another simple but useful tool.

This tool is a console application, which is developed to make the life of an admin who manages the policies for BRE to be easy. The current version of the tool can be used to "Deploy" and "Undeploy" multiple policies (rulesets) at the same time.

Usage: PolicyUtilityApp -[deploy|undeploy] <policies to be deployed separated by spaces>

PolicyUtilityApp -deploy policy.1.1 policy.1.3 testpolicy.1.5
PolicyUtilityApp -undeploy policy.1.1 policy.1.3 testpolicy.1.5

Download the tool here.

In the following version you can expect me to add few more features like Import and Export multiple policies from and to a filestore.

Waiting for comments to update this tool for better use of the MS BRE community. Also, add your wishlist and lets see how far can we go.

NOTE: This tool is not throughly tested.