I have once again had the pleasure of  being part of the Frankly Speaking Experience. While I was at WebCamp I had the very important job or “Roving Reporter” for  Frankly Speaking. After a few technical challenges, I was able to interview a few of the participants & speakers.

Then, last week I jumped into the recording booth to chat with Andrew Coates & Michael Kordahi about the Sydney WebCamp, and we also chat with Karo Esmali about imagine cup! The resulting recording (and all the other Frankly speaking podcasts) can be found here: http://www.noisetosignal.com.au/franklyspeaking/?p=334

Actually, while you are there – check out the new NoiseToSignal home page: http://noisetosignal.com.au/  and also worth having a good look at is the http://www.9by9.tv/ where 9 of the top web thinkers are asked 9 tough questions about the web!