With the launch of new Nokia, Samsung and HTC devices in the Australian market, the Windows Phone Marketplace extending its reach to 63 countries, and the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1/Tango edition being released, it's a very exciting time to be a Windows Phone developer.


So with that in mind, this update covers the following:-


  1. Windows Phone Apps Download Count Challenge to win a Nokia Lumia 800
  2. Windows Phone 7.1.1/Tango SDK Released
  3. Resubmitting your apps to the new Windows Phone Tango Markets
  4. Nominate your Apps to be Featured
  5. Imagine Cup mentors for Windows Phone entries
  6. Referring a Developer buddy
  7. PC Magazine Readers Choice Rated User Satisfaction of Windows Phone on par with iOS
  8. Linking your Windows Phone Developer Community Profile with your Windows Live ID



Windows Phone Apps Download Count Challenge to win a Nokia Lumia 800 #20120330

I have 30 Nokia Lumia 800 Phones to be won for the most downloaded new apps that are published between March 30th 2012 and midnight EST June 29 2012.  The challenge is limited to Australian based developers, with 1 phone per developer, excluding updates to existing apps, however you may submit multiple apps.  (Full Terms and Conditions can be found here)

This challenge is all about balancing a compelling idea, app quality and allowing time to market.  The sooner you publish the app, the sooner the download count starts, but you'll need to create a quality app customers will want and rate well to drive your app download count. 

Optional, but if you plan to enter the challenge then please register at http://wp.livews.net?page=events&eid=e9d14b96-7b3f-4b60-a57c-25e46b5aa837&mt=873D35EC-CE4B-46ED-973D-BCDFB4997400

How to report your app download count results

Email Dave Glover dglover@microsoft.com, subject "Windows Phone Apps Download Count Challenge #20120330" with a screen shot of your download count as at midnight EST July 6 2012, the allows for 1 week reporting rollup on the Marketplace.  The top 30 submissions will win a Nokia Lumia 800 phone.

More Details can be found on my blog.


News and Updates

Windows Phone 7.1.1/Tango SDK Released
Read what's new and download the Windows Phone 7.1.1 SDK from here.  The new SDK includes the new 256-MB and updated 512-MB emulator images, along with an update to the Windows Phone Emulator which now runs on Windows 8.


Resubmitting your apps to Windows Phone Tango Markets
If you would like your apps to appear in all 63 Windows Phone Markets, then you need to resubmit your apps for certification.  For more information see "Reach New Markets: Publish Your Existing App to New Marketplace Regions".  There is no charge for this, if you find you have hit your free submission limit then contact me and I will resolve this issue.


Nominate your Apps to be Featured
We know that having apps featured on the Windows Phone Marketplace helps drive downloads and your success.  If you have an app that you'd like nominated to be featured then register at http://wp.livews.net?page=events&eid=AA62ACF6-DC9D-4606-B4C4-0ED31F846774&mt=873D35EC-CE4B-46ED-973D-BCDFB4997400.


Imagine Cup mentors for Windows Phone entries

The Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition hosted by Microsoft.  This competition is open to high school, college and university students across the globe and this year it's being hosted in Australia.  If you would be interested in mentoring students submitting Windows Phone solutions then please reply to this email.  The time commitment will be relatively light.


Referring a Developer Buddy
If you have an Australian based developer or designer buddy you think would be interested in Windows Phone development then please refer them to Windows Phone Australian Developer Community site where they can also request free Windows Phone Marketplace registration.


PC Magazine Readers Choice Rated User Satisfaction of Windows Phone on par with iOS
Check out the PC Magazine Readers Choice Article.


Linking your Windows Live ID to your Windows Phone Developer Community

Please head to http://wp.livews.net?mt=873D35EC-CE4B-46ED-973D-BCDFB4997400 and link your Windows Phone Australia Developer profile to your Windows Live ID.


The Mobile Show Free Tickets

Interested in all things mobile?  The Mobile Show (30 April - 1 May 2012, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne) may be for you.  There are 50 free tickets for developers to attend Planet of the Apps conference @ The Mobile Show Melbourne 2012.  They are on a first come first served nomination basis.  Register online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/developerpass or call +61 02 9021 8885 to register your interest.