The TAP program for the upcoming BizTalk release(BizTalk Server 2009) is open. There are some cool new EDI features currently being tried out by our TAP customers.

Summary of features:

Ø  Ability to dynamically override envelope headers of the outgoing EDI documents without having to write custom pipeline components - just using context properties.

Ø  Option to specify a range of EDI control numbers, with automatic rollover to the lower limit of the range. No more overflows of control numbers causing failures of your EDI solution.

Ø  Ability to create multiple batches per party with different Batching Criteria – no more restriction on choosing a single batching criteria per party

Ø  Increased AS2 reliability: System can be configured to resend messages if MDN is not received within a specified interval

Ø  Support for Multiple attachments: Messages with attachments can be both sent and received over AS2 as per the IETF Internet-draft

Ø  AS2 Filename preservation: Filename associated with an incoming AS2 message is preserved for further processing. Similarly filename set in context properties is associated with outbound AS2 messages

Ø  The new release would be Drummond Certified for AS2 on Multi-file attachment support, File name preservation support and Interoperability.


Do check the Microsoft Connect site for more details and getting into the TAP program (

If you have feedback on what new features you would like to see in the EDI/AS2 area, do share!